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What is ASMR? ASMR stands for "Autonomous sensory meridian response". What it does is you feel a tingle in your neck,head or back. How you get these tingles is when you listen to a quite sound that happening close to you such as someone whispering in your ear. Many people have deferent triggers to there ASMR and small percent of people don't get trigger that easily. The best way to experience ASMR is listening to High quality sound clips that you play back on headphones.

At you can find ASMR audio downloads that can be played back with your mp3 player or computer. These are audio clips I record with a super high quality binaural 3d microphone that will be sure to trigger your ASMR.

Why listen to ASMR clips??? ASMR is relaxing and refreshes your mind. Now with the quality of binaural microphones it is realistic and just some some cool to listen to when your don't feel like listening to music.